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All You Need to Know About Landscape Mulch by Jitesh Arora

All You Need to Know About Landscape Mulch
By Jitesh Arora

Landscape mulch is increasingly used these days due to several factors. In addition to the decorative part, they also serve as an agent that helps conserve soil moisture, especially in places where there are no trees or shrubs to cover the earth. Other gains include less soil erosion and weed control.

The most preferred are organic mulches like wood shavings and bark of trees expelled from sawmills.  As every county must be having several mills, it is not hard to obtain it at cheap prices. However, hardwood bark mulch, which lacks termite and insect repellent characteristics, can attract increased numbers of such harmful creatures. They also tend to decay rapidly.

Mulches obtained from shavings of cedar and cypress trees contain natural insect repellents and does not decompose early. Wads of pine bark, even though they molder like other bark mulches, do not form an impermeable layer in the soil and help the water drain away easily. Many of our best flowering plants like rhododendrons cannot survive in soggy soil and as such, pine bark mulch comes as the best option for gardeners. However, they have one drawback in that they can be easily removed by wind or rain.

Pine needle is the most abundant and lowest costing mulch in many parts of the country. Cocoa bean mulch, obtained from the outer covering of cocoa pod, is expensive and gives a garden a formal outlook. The small sized bits of this mulch help it to stay at the place where it is positioned, even in the face of severe storm and rain.

Gravel, pieces of rubber tire treads, leaves, clippings of plants from pruning operations, saw dust etc are also used as landscape mulches.

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This article was published on Friday 06 February, 2009.
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