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Insects in Your Garden and in Your Landscape by Cheryl Ann Hanlon

Insects in Your Garden and in Your Landscape

By Cheryl Ann Hanlon

There are little bugs and pests that can sometimes invade your garden and you might not want to try and kill them all off. Learning about the difference between the small critters that add to your gardens and the pests that are eating your gardens will help you figure when it is a good time to do a little housekeeping in the greenhouse or in the garden.

Some of the smaller pests are going to pollinate your garden and others will work in the soil and loosen it up while others are going to eat other critters in the greenhouse that are going to cause damage. A good insect to have in your garden will be one that you can identify and work around it in your garden.

Insects will fall into three categories, which are predators, those insects that eat other insects, parasites, and others that will lay eggs near where they want to reside and eat. They will also pollinate other insects and plants that will bloom or produce.

If you want insects in your gardens you will need to keep water in it for the plants. Some plants that will produce nectar will bring on the insects like perennials such as yarrow, daises, alyssum, thyme, close, dill catnip and others.

If you have a hard time getting the bugs in your area to come to the garden so that it pollinates or kills off the other pests, you can order insects or their eggs from insect farms or another type of larger pet store. Follow the instructions that you will get from the suppliers and this will help to clean up your garden in not time at all.

There are a few things that are going to be beneficial to your garden like lacewing that will kill off aphids, trips, lice and other larvae types of pests. The ladybug is going to help kill off aphids and other types or larvae insects. The praying mantis is a good insect that will kill off many forms of insects like beetles, caterpillars and even flies and grasshoppers. The wasp will kill off and eat many types of worms, and worm larvae. Beetles will eat slugs, snails and control the populations of these bugs in your gardens.

You will see that having a few types of insects in your garden will be a good help to you and your plants. If you do not have any of these bugs in your area, remember you can purchase them from an insect supplier and keep your garden balanced and growing the way that you intended it to.

Cheryl is a writer that loves to teach, while entertaining new ideas at the same time. Writing is a relaxing form of getting things out on paper, and now a days that means on the screen. This profile is dedicated to teaching more about ponds, fish and how to care for a pond in your landscape. Check back here often and also at for more articles by Cheryl

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This article was published on Saturday 28 February, 2009.
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