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Hostess Gift Ideas

Hostess Gift Ideas - Impress For Less

You've been invited to a friend's dinner party and now you're scrambling to get a hostess gift. Far too often the Hostess gift is a last minute consideration. 

Sure you can grab a bottle of wine or pick up flowers at you local market but likely everyone else is doing that as well so why not change things up and support local shops at the same time.

Having a couple of key items on hand is a a great start to build from. Items for the kitchen such as tea towels, produce bags or bowl covers make perfect gifts. You can never have enough of those. From there you can start thinking about your local stores. Food from local specialty stores make great gifts as well.

One of my go-to gifts is Fraktals - delicious handmade chocolate heaven.  Located in Aurora, Ontario but they do have many retailers who carry their amazing selection of chocolate.

To spice things up include handmade specialty spices. At one of our local markets I discovered Rocky Hill Hideaway Peppers and Herbs I ordered a bunch of different spices to include in my hostess bags over the holiday season.

I also included a small set of specialty Olive Oils from Collingwood Olive Oil Company.

So many stores sell locally made specialty food and gifts 

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