Don't Paint - Decorate With Pillows

Updated: Feb 7

Throw Pillows are the perfect accessory to update the look of any room. They are usually very affordable and can be changed as the seasons change. If you have a room with a neutral palette, pillows are excellent accessories for injecting colour and texture to a space.

When choosing your pillows don’t be afraid to mix patterns however, there should be one common colour throughout all the pillows. That common colour should also be found somewhere else in the room such as a vase, painting or a throw for example. This gives the space unity and really ties everything together nicely. When combining patterns together the trick is to choose patterns that compliment each other. A stripe can work with a floral or a geometric can work with a plaid - there are no rules, as along as the patterns don’t over power each other.

The size of the pillows can vary depending on the size of you sofa but don’t mix too many sizes together. Combing two throw pillows with two accent pillows works well together and if you so desire add in a fifth pillow centered in your sofa in a different shape altogether.

Pillows also create depth and interest to a room. Take a simple bench for example – by adding two or three beautiful pillows, instantly a vignette has been created. Or simply toss a couple of oversized pillows on your floor and create a gathering area around a coffee table. Perfect for a casual setting.

So if you’re ready to update the look of your room put away the paint brush and consider redecorating with pillows.

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