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Garden Art - Why You Need It

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Many home owners spend countless hours trying to create the perfect outdoor space that they will enjoy for years and perhaps turn a few heads along the way. If getting noticed is on your agenda look no further. Injecting a garden sculpture adds a focal point to your space and creates interest.

Garden sculpture of Tree Frog
Corten Tree Frog

Tree Frog Sculpture

Imagine the magical experience onlookers will have when they feast their eyes on this frog. Jeff Smith from Hammersmith Metalworks has been creating creative works of art for many years. You may have seen his work at the One of A Kind Show in Toronto but Jeff is often busy creating commissioned work for clients all over Ontario. His piece shown above is a statement piece that truly embodies nature and really steals the show. Perhaps it's because the frog appears to be smiling?

Creating a beautiful outdoor space requires a lot of work and maintenance. Plants are the most obvious choice for adding colour and texture to a garden however, sculptures are a great option for adding interest during those in-between blooming times and are perfect for areas where plants are not suitable due to poor planting conditions. A sculpture will give you interest all year round but will also compliment your garden space.

When choosing a sculpture consider scale - choose a size that doesn't overwhelm or underwhelm your space. Also think about the design of the sculpture. Do you want a modern piece or are you a nature lover who prefers animals and plant sculptures. The design of your home may influence your decision however that doesn't necessarily mean a modern home should have a modern sculpture however, on the flip side, a cubistic modern sculpture will probably not be well suited in a setting with a rustic cottage in the woods.

Metal sculptures are available in many finishes; Corten steel, painted steel and stainless steel. Corten steel sculptures are meant to rust however, if do not want it to rust annual maintenance such as spraying a coat of sealant may be necessary.

Garden sculptures are a great way to express your creative self and are so much fun to shop for so. Something you will enjoy for many years.

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