Liquid Ethanol fuel options are available in several variations—Liquid Ethanol (Starter Pack)Liquid Ethanol (32oz Refill Bottle), and Liquid Ethanol (32oz Bottle – 12 Pack). Made to instigate a natural flame, the starter pack contains a Liquid Ethanol 32oz Bottle and a 13oz Ethanol Activator Can. Pour the unscented Liquid Ethanol into the Ethanol Activator Can, without overfilling and ignite to create a glorious flame in an instant.

Prefer the look of a phenomenal flame without the fragrance? Then unscented liquid ethanol might be the option for you.

Producing the effect of a glowing fiery flame, the fragrance free liquid ethanol is a perfect choice for any of the growing selection of fireburner. Consider using it as an indoor option with our Level or Level Compact coffee tables for an enticing and effective fire. 

No mess. No maintenance. No cleanup. Ethanol fuels are fuels of the future. Harder to spill and easier to contain, these four fuel options are easy to use and will create a fiery, flickering flame lasting for 2-3 hours at a time.

A three-step process to activate the flame:

  • Choose from one of four Ethanol Fuel options.
  • Pour the Ethanol Fuel into the 13 oz can of fiberglass medium. After the fuel is fully absorbed into the fiberglass ‘wick,’ the can becomes spill-proof. (WARNING: Ensure not to overfill!)
  • Use a lighter to activate the wick. The combination of Ethanol Fuel, and the fiberglass medium is truly magical and mesmerizing.

Extinguishing the flame could not be easier. Made of steel, Snuffers accompany each of our products that feature a Fireburner. The Snuffer will quickly eliminate the flame as fast as it was lit. (WARNING: Never refill the fuel while lit. Ensure the flame is totally extinguished.)

Choose from the following,

Starter Kit ($16.95)

32 oz Refill Bottle ($9.99)

32 oz Refill Bottles - 12 Pack ($94.99)

1 Gal Refill Bottle - 4 Pack ($104.99) 

Fuel Liquid Unscented