Lumin is a delicate design in a strong structure of solid steel and epoxy powder paint. Designed for use with any one of a variety of fuel options, Lumin has the fashionable look of a stylish wall feature, its streamlined shape further enhanced by the addition of a smart, simple, linear lengthwise cut, serving the dual purpose of aesthetics while also being a source of ventilation.                                                                                                                                

Size:  4″ Diameter x 23” long

Colour: Black

Snuffer included.
Fuel sold separately.

Made for mounting to the wall, Lumin’s construction consists of a welded piece of solid steel for enabling this feature, indoors and outdoors. Hang the Lumin at least 3’ ft. from the top of the ceiling in a gallery or great room of a house, condo, or loft, in a hotel foyer, or in the doorway of a restaurant or bar to achieve the optimum effect of the sconce’s features.


Solid steel
Black epoxy powder paint

Sconce Lumin