Twig Sconce is designed as an accompaniment to the slender elegant frame of the freestanding Twig Torch . Alluding to the mood of autumn and summer in its delicate leaf pattern, Twig Sconce is a beacon of beauty and brilliance. Made of solid steel and finished in bronze epoxy powder paint, the decorative light fixture is the epitome of sophistication.

Made to fit a 13 oz can of Fuel, Twig Sconce is designed for indoor and outdoor use, its unique features highlighting textured wall treatments, faux veneers and exposed brick walls, as well as providing a beacon in outdoor gardens and landscapes.                                                                                                                                         

Size:  4″ Diameter x 23” long

Colour: Bronze

Snuffer included.
Fuel sold separately.


Solid steel
Bronze epoxy powder paint
Snuffer (galvanized steel)

Sconce Twig