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  • What are Rain Chains?
    Rain chains are a decorative solution to a boring down spout.In Japan, rain chains or Kusari-Doi have been used for hundreds of years and can be found on homes, gardens and temples throughout Japan. They provide a beautiful and functional substitute for the rainwater gutter down pipe, and produce a beautiful cascade of water that flows gracefully between the sections. Water from the chains can be fed into a large pot or suitable drain covered in pebbles.
  • Are there any problems with ice on Rain Chains over the winter?
    Rain Chains can be left on over the winter. They will freeze over and provide a beautiful ice sculpture which can be enjoyed through out the winter however, we cannot guarentee that the rain chains can sustain extreme winter conconditions. We have had a case where the rain chain could not support the weight of the ice. In order to support the excess weight of the ice you must ensure that your gutter is securely fastened to your roof to prevent any damage from occurring. If there is a large build up of ice you may wish to break off some of the ice from time to time. Installation kits are available to provide additional support to your gutter and are recommended for lengths over 12'. Please note that certain Theme Style Rain Chains are not recommended for extreme winter conditions. It will be noted on the comments for those particular styles.
  • How long does it take to install a Rain Chain?
    Not long at all. Rain chains are easy to install and usually takes only a few minutes. Please watch our video on Installing a Rain Chains.
  • Can Rain Chains handle a large volume of water?
    Yes.We offer large cup style rain chains which are better suited for heavy rainfall. The XL Scallop Cup is our largest cup style and will accommodate heavy water flow with minimal splashing. All of our cup styles have an open bottom to allow the water to move more freely along the chain. Link style rain chains can facilitate a fair amount of rainfall but in a heavy downpour there may be some splashing. Please note if you are installing the Rain Chains close to a brick wall splashing may occur on the brick. In this case it is recommended to use a cup style rather than a link style.
  • Do Rain Chains require maintenance?
    Rain chains need little maintenance. Just hang and enjoy. Regular clean up of debris in your gutter would still be required.
  • Do Rain Chains need to be secured at the ground level?
    Yes. To avoid your chain from blowing freely in the wind it is recommended to anchor your rain chain to the ground. There are many options for anchoring your rain chain. You may wish to use a copper basin, a rock base or pebbles or even a rain barrel which is ideal for harvesting your water and re-using it for your plants. Our Hammered Copper Dish With Attachment can be used to anchor your rain chain. We also offer a Garden Stake to secure your Rain Chain to the ground. See our photos for ideas.
  • Do you ship outside of Canada?
    At this time we are only able to ship Rain Chains to Canada and the US.
  • Will my copper rain chain cause electrolysis damage to my aluminum gutter?
    We do get calls with concerns about electrolysis between an aluminum gutter and brass or copper attachment pieces. For this to be a valid technical concern, there would need to be good contact between both raw metals. I've had copper against aluminum on my own home for 6 years now, with no noticeable corrosion or degradation at the point of contact. However, here a couple of ways to easily minimize contact: Spray clear lacquer or paint onto the bottom of the gutter and/or the gutter attachment piece. Put a piece of plastic on each side of the gutter hole, underneath the gutter attachment piece.
  • Do Rain Chains require assembly?
    Yes, some of our Rain Chain cup styles will be shipped to you un-assembled however, assembly is easy and no tools are required. With some styles simply unscrew the ends of the hooks and loop the cups through each other and put the screws back on. Please watch our video on Rain Chain Assembly which demonstrates how to assembly those styles. For other cup styles the hooks easily pop into the holes at the top or bottom.
  • How will my copper Rain Chain weather over time?
    Patina (also known as verdigris) is the visible result of chemical oxidation/reduction that takes place on the surface of copper (and bronze). A combination of moisture, air and salt or acid causes the reaction. Unlike rust with iron, patina does not occur throughout the metal, but coats the surface only, forming copper sulfate or copper chloride. It actually protects the metal underneath from oxidizing further. This is why copper surfaces outdoors can last for many decades, while iron eventually degrades completely. Patina can develop quickly or take many years, depending on environmental conditions. For example, on the beach in Hawaii, patina may develop in a few months, while in Southern California, only a little green may show after three years or more. Copper metal, exposed to the elements, darkens and dulls first, before any green begins to appear. To keep copper shiny and "new" looking outdoors, it must be coated with lacquer or other protective coating. Copper can be cleaned by dipping it into vinegar; children often try this with a penny as a classroom experiment to see a chemical cleaning effect. There are commercial patina chemicals, in a variety of colors, that can be applied to copper to achieve a patina effect quickly. This can provide a more uniform, and sometimes thicker, effect that natural aging. Colors may vary depending on ambient humidity and temperature.
  • How will my aluminum or brass Rain Chain weather over time?
    Brass is an alloy of approximately 75% copper and 25% tin. Because it's not pure copper, brass doesn't acquire patina over time, but rather simply darkens to a rich golden brown color. Aluminum will stay silver but will eventually become grey and will loose it's sheen.
  • What kind of warranty do Rain Chains come with?
    All Rain Chains carry a warranty for a period of one year from the date of purchase against failure for any reason, including weather effects such as wind, ice, snow and other temperature conditions. They are not guaranteed against failure due to improper installation, theft and vandalism or other non-natural damage. The finish of our products is meant to age naturally in an outdoor environment; changes in the look of the product are normal and not covered by the warranty.
  • Do you have a store where I can see the Rain Chains?
    No, we do not have a brick and mortar store, we are an online business but we do have many samples of our Rain Chains and are happy to show them to you by appointment only. We are located in The Blue Mountains just west of Collingwood, Ontario. If you would like to see the samples please contact us at
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