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Is a Rain Chain Right For Your Home?

Is a Rain Chain the right solution for your needs? Although Rain Chains are a wonderful option for replacing a downspout it's not always the best solution.

From the time there are cases where a Rain Chain was not ideal. These cases were,

  • The  Rain Chain was going to be attached to a section of down pipe that was hanging away from the house on an angle. It would have been difficult to attach the Rain Chain correctly to allow the water to flow properly over the chain and there was nothing to support the weight of the Rain Chain especially over the winter months. 

  • The location where the Rain Chain was to be installed would not have allowed for proper drainage at ground level.


If installed correctly Rain Chains are really a wonderful solution to a boring downspouts. Please keep in mind these points,

If you are replacing your downspout with a Rain Chain and that is the only downspout on that section of your roof you will want to make sure that you choose the right style of Rain Chain that will accommodate a large volume of water. In cases like that we recommend choosing a cup style Rain Chain over a link style however, there are a variety of sizes of cups so choosing a larger cups style is best.

If your roof line where you wish to install the Rain Chain has more than one downspout, a cup or link style Rain Chain will work however if choosing a link style it is not recommended if it's hanging too close to the wall of your house. The splash from the link chain may cause damage to the wall.

For lengths longer than 12' we recommend using an Installation Kit.

Always secure the chain to ground level. Never let the chain just rest on the ground. If the chain swings the rain will not flow well over the chain.

Ensure you are providing a proper method for drainage at the ground level.


If you are not sure a Rain Chain is right for you we are happy to answer any questions you have.

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